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BOSCH LBC-3472+3479

Ditambahkan pada : May 12th, 2015
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Kode Produk : Horn Speaker BOSCH LBC-3472 + LBC-3479
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Bosch horn speaker lbc-3472 3479

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BOSCH LBC 3472 + LBC 3479 Horn Loudspeaker

▶High efficiency drivers Up to 37.5w (max. power)
▶Wide opening angle
▶Excellent speech reproduction
▶Simple power setting
▶Water-and dust protected to ip65
▶Versatile mounting bracket
▶Voice evacuation compliant as standard
▶Comply with international installation and safety regulations

Bosch Security Systems high-efficiency horn loudspeaker provide excellent speech reproduction and sound distribution for a wide scope of outdoor applications. They are ideal for sports ground, parks, exhibitions, factories and swimming pools. 25W driver 14 inch bell The 37.5W(max. power) LBC3472/00 horn loudspeaker drivers. They are direct connection to a 100V line output. The LBC 3479/00 is circular bell measuring and 495mm in diameter respectively. The LBC3472/00 is made from a combination of aluminium with ABS for optimum strength and low weight.

The edges of the bells of the LBC3479/00 is cover with a PVC profile for protection against impact damage. All of models are finished in light grey (RAL 7035). The horns are water and dust protected.

Built-in protection
The loudspeaker has built-in protection to ensure that, in the event of a fire, damage to the loudspeaker does not result in failure of the circuit to which it is connected. In this way, system integrity is maintained, ensuring loudspeakers in other areas can still be used to inform people of the situation. The loudspeaker has a ceramic terminal block, thermal fuse and heat-resistant, high-temperature wiring.

Simple power setting
The horn has a three-way terminal block with screw connection (including earth). Four primary taps are provided on the matching transformer to allow selection of nominal full-power, half-power or quarter-power radistion (i.e. in 3 dB)

The horn loudspeaker are supplied complete with sturdy adjustable mounting brackets, allowing the sound beam to be accurately directed.

Quality assurance
All Bosch Security Systems loudspeaker are designed to withstand operating at their rated power 100 hours in accordance with IEC 268-5 Power Handling Capacity (PHC) standards. Bosch has also developed the Simulated Acoustical Feedback Exposure (SAFE) test to demonstrate that they can with stand two times their rated power for short durations. This ensure extra reliability under extreme conditions, leading to higher customer satisfaction, longer operation life, and much less chance of failure or performance deterioration.

Technical performance data

  • Maximum power 37.5 Watt
  • Rated power 25 Watt
  • Sound pressure level 1W (at 1kHz,1m) 104dB/110dB
  • Effective frequency range (-10 dB) 300Hz to 8kHz/200Hz to 6kHz
  • Opening angle (at 1kHz/4kHz, -6 dB)
    – Horizontal 80/35
    – Vertical 80/35
  • Rated input voltage 10 0 V
  • Rated impedance 400 ohm
  • Ambient temperature range -25 C to +55C
  • Safety according to EN 60065
  • Connection screw terminal block
  • Dimensions
    Aperture (L*W) LBC3472/00 : 373 x 157mm
    Aperture dia LBC3479/00 : 495mm
  • Color Light grey RAL 7035
  • Weight
    LBC3472/00 : 2.9kg
    LBC3479/00 : 1.0kg
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